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Shannon Bowler
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Eyes that are bigger usually appear to make you look younger and awake. All eye shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I have small almond shaped eyes myself and I don’t want to toot my own horn, but quite a few people have complimented me for them! Not all of us have big eyes. …

“I've been in such a funk lately. I didn't know what to do so I just did another simple graphic liner. It's actually green eyeliner but for some reason it…”

Decluttering 40 items in your home and life - declutter one item a day throughout lent and feel great by Easter!

am so very pleased today to be introducing my brand new eBook to you – “Clutter:Sorted”. As the title suggests, it’s an eBook all about how to create calm from chaos, and bring back some control into your life by tackling your clutter once and for

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (With Pictures)

Eyeshadow placement according to eye shape. Can you see your eye shape here? Forget how other people wear their eyeshadow, stick to your eyeshape, it will make all the difference to your overall appearance.

Khloe Kardashian - Page 21 - the Fashion Spot

Hard to figure: Khloe Kardashian was spotted wearing her wedding band in Los Angeles on Monday, after dropping her husband Lamar Odom's surn.