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Australian Dingo - Canis dingo - Found in Australia - Regarded as a subspecies of the domestic dog.

‘Australian Dingo’ by Froggie

'Australian Dingo' by Froggie. Caught in his territory keeping an eye on the ground.

Animals at Healesville Sanctuary

Discover the animals that call Healesville Sanctuary home.

dingo pup

Animal of the day – 11/11/2010 – The Dingo

The animal of the day is the Dingo. (Did you know: Scientists predict the dingo might be extinct within 20 years! A big reason is because dingoes can cross-breed successfully with domesticated dogs…


Dingo Australià, gos i llop salvatge

Fa molts anys, vaig veure un reportatge sobre el Dingo Australià (creuen que provinent d'Indonèsia) i em vaig quedar meravellada amb ells,...

Healesville Sanctuary's Dingo puppies

Meet the Dingo pups

Healesville Sanctuary's Dingo puppies make their first public appearance -- and you have a chance to name them!

Dingo or Warringal and puppies

Dingo or Warringal and puppies

Baby Dingos. I want one!

Les animaux de la semaine

Trois petits dingos sont nés le 3 janvier dernier dans le parc zoologique de Berlin.