What Veggies to Plant & When... In Australia.

Veggie Garden - Build Your Own

Vegetable Garden Design Ideas - Photos of Vegetable Gardens. Browse Photos from Australian Designers & Trade Professionals, Create an Inspiration Board to save your favourite images.

Grow Strawberries in a Windowbox

Small Garden Ideas & Designs for Small Spaces

Don't let limited outdoor space prevent you from trying out your green thumb. From tasty fruits and veggies to flowering plants, trees and shrubs, container gardening is the trick to growing it all in less space than you may think.

Grow Tomatoes From Seed

Small Garden Ideas & Designs for Small Spaces

Use our tips to get rid of pests in your garden. Organic gardening practices like growing companion plants and setting out sticky traps are easy and effective.

raised garden bed

How to build and install raised bed gardens. Tips on planning, building, protecting and irrigating raised bed gardens. Guide by RaisedGardenBedsHowTo