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There are three types of muscle contractions - isometric, concentric and eccentric. Eccentric contractions are likely to cause more severe #DOMS than other contractions.

surge-to-new-levels-with-fitness: “ Eccentric Training for Mass, Strength, and Flexibility Eccentric training refers to the negative portion of any movement. At this time the muscle lengthen in.

Scaption – Motion in the Scapular plane (roughly 30 degrees forward). Upward Rotation – When the inferior angle of the shoulder blade flares outward way from the midline of the body. Downward Rotation – Opposite of upward rotation. Retraction – Moving the shoulder blades toward the spine, as if to flex the back muscles. Protraction – Moving the shoulder blades away from the spine. Similar to the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Elevation – Moving the shoulder blade up towards yo

Shoulder Pain when Throwing? Here are 9 Facts about Shoulder Injuries in Baseball you need to know about today. Pages of anatomy, rehab, infographics.