shayleigh booker

shayleigh booker

shayleigh booker
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I just wanna have a unique piercing and I did until everyone else saw the triple forward helix pin...

Inner and outer conch piercing ideas are a great way to spice things up and let go of the conventional look without being too flashy.

Vertical Labret piercing. Hopefully my next piercing. :)

One of my favorite piercings - the vertical labret. Less damaging to the teeth than regular labret or lip piercings, and oh-so-pretty! So thinking of getting this

3 microdermals on the ribs

3 microdermals on the ribs , I would never get this because it looks painful but it looks really cool

so cool to bad I always have a hars time with piercing when healing Ring! 3 microdermals.

This would hurt no way but I have to say im amazed! I realize this isn't a tattoo, but I was so amazed by it that it had to get pinned somewhere!