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Shannon Hayter

<3 Love you Ashley <3 there's nothing more 2 say
Shannon Hayter
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but... one does not simply WALK into Mordor!

i always wondered why the one place in mordor the ring can be destroyed is never guarded!:) - it's cause Sauron never even thought they would try to destroy the ring

William your Legolas is showing  ....

Will / William Turner is letting his Legolas show. ~ made by Samantha Morton. PotC Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl humor. Orlando Bloom: Funny Pirates Of The Caribbean, Pirates Of The Caribbean Funny, Rings The Hobbit, Orlando Bloom,


I get the joke, but at the same time, the mention of tall grass makes me think of Jurassic Park II and now I think the hobbits have been eaten by velociraptors.either way I'm happy cuz the LOTR movies make me sleepy