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Wonderful DIY Fun Snowman From Plastic Cups

Here’s another snowman project .You can get plastic cups and build yourself a fun snowman that will never melt. As you know it’s hard to bring a real

Christmas Ideas

Stuffed, re-stuffed, and overstuffed with cheery fun, the holidays are definitely one of our favorite seasons of the year. And really, what’s not to love? Awesome eats, flowing drinks, and delightful decorations make it the happiest time of the year … Continue reading →

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Use plastic ones and hang above Mi's bed maybe some with sand and shells too.


What you’ll need: - clear glass ornaments - dried moss - twine - pencil - q-tips optional- twigs, butterflies, feathers etc… 1. Tear off a small piece of moss and moisten slightly (this helps to keep the moss from crumbling a lot of dust inside). 2. With the eraser end of your pencil, gently push moss into the opening. Repeat this a few times until you have a forest floor on the bottom of your ornament. 3. Add any extras and poke with your pencil to style things as necessary. 4. Bend a q-tip…

Celebrating A Summer Christmas | Stay At Home Mum

5 Tips To Celebrate A Summer Christmas

Celebrating A Summer Christmas | Stay At Home Mum

Australian gumnut ornaments - a set of five cast plaster christmas decorations handmade in Australia by Kuberstore

Australian gumnut ornaments a set of five cast plaster | Etsy

Here are some cast plaster gumnut ornaments to add a bit of an Australian tang to any Christmas decor! This listing is for a set of five white hanging decorations, which are packaged carefully in a plastic bag ready to give as a gift, or to keep yourself. They are handmade in Australia by Emily Engel. These gum nuts (and my pine cones, which depending on availability you may also find in my store) featured on the cover of the Christmas 2016 Australian Country Style magazine, as pictured…

Australian Christmas Decorations

Fun Australian Christmas activities for kids

To make your holiday decorations a little more local and a little less northern hemisphere, use things found in your own backyard.