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a man on a dirt bike in a storage shed
Our new bike garage 1.5mt x 3.0mt Double Doors
Why are midwall channels important on garden sheds
The design objective of the midwall channel is to increase the strength of the shed wall panels and to make the wall sheeting more resilient to damage that can be caused when a sporting ball hits the shed. Something we have all experienced in back yard cricket or football games.
Shed Mods Sheds4less Door Flip
Is the door opening of your garden shed on the wrong side for your space? This can be a pain. A favourite plant or a garden bed can often get in the way. No problems with a Sheds4less shed. You can choose which side your door opening is on when you build. It’s a simple fix. Just watch the video.
Making Buying a Garden Shed Easy - Step 1
Making buying and building a shed easy starts way before you start to build. We need to ensure that you can handle the shed when it is delivered. We have one-man handling on all our sheds. No box weighs more than 25KG. Moving on site is easy. If you buy a shed from us, you will receive either 4, 5, 6, or 9 boxes depending on the shed size. Read more about our sheds.
a man in a warehouse picking up boxes from the pallet rack with his hand
Birth of a Great Garden Shed
Craig sent in a great set of pics for the "birth" of his shed. I thought I would add to them to show the "prenatel period”. How we make it easy by packing our sheds into easy-to-handle boxes that weigh 25Kg or less. This is a 3.0 x 2.3 garden shed with double sliding doors. Build went smoothly, shed looks great. Good one Craig