I want a shirt like this for during summer. That way if i'm outside and getting tan i'll have a cute heart tattoo :)


i love bathing suits! the only problem with bathing suit shopping is that it requires trying them on, which is just not my idea of fun.


††† ††† ††† †Enjoy the kiss ††† ††† †††: Princess Of The Sea .


I love that I live for someone who I KNOW will help. Wouldn't you want to live for something that will "always" help. SO GOOD:) the shadow proves the sunshine.


Throwing glitter at the wedding instead of rice or flowers. It will make pictures sparkle! We should just throw glitter every time a picture is taken!

Summer Love.

I saw the wedding photo like this like a week after my wedding and wanted to go back in time to take that picture. Now I'm definitely going to do this on my honeymoon!


I have this shirt! Ya know what, I'm gonna wear it today with my short shorts and vans and go long boarding!

summer. summer. summer. summer.

Aarrrrr two more days of school left! More excited for the school year to be over as a teacher than when I was a kid :)

Let's do this.

Here's my edit for the contest. It says "Best Friends Are The People In life Who Make You Laugh Harder, Smile Brighter, And Live Better.

you're never too young to blow bubbles.

Oh this would be a fun idea for a senior shoot! Use some bubbles. Would be really fun for spring!