Lemon Muffins .

Lemon yoghurt muffins

Slow cooker lamb curry

Slow-cooked lamb curry

Impossible veggie Flan.

Spinach impossible pie

Vegetarian spinach pie creation that is rich, satisfying and budget friendly!

Veggi frittata

Vegetable frittata

Vegetable frittata Tasty hot or cold, this frittata is also easily transportable, so its perfect for popping into lunch boxes. See notes section for FODMAP diet tip.

Banana Cake.

Easy banana cake

This banana cake by taste member, 'Dior' is an easy way to quickly put something delicious on the table for guests! Only 1 banana needed- add nuts or dried fruit, cinnamon for extra taste . Cut sugar to cup

Salmon fritters

Salmon & corn patties

Salmon & corn patties -- Mash, canned fish and a flavoursome mix of vegies makes for great-tasting patties.

Berry Cheese cakes

Berry mascarpone mini cheesecakes

Liven up cheesecake with the heavenly combination of creamy mascarpone and juicy berries. Get amongst it vaness!


Creamy gnocchi, chicken and semi-dried tomato bake

Passion fruit baked cheese cake

Baked sour cream and passionfruit cheesecake

Freshen up dessert with this delectable baked passionfruit cheesecake made with sour cream and tasty fresh passionfruit.


Corn fritters

These simple corn fritters are sure to find favour with the kids and the adults.

Passion fruit Cake.

Passionfruit buttercake

Passionfruit Buttercake Recipe by Joanne B - Key Ingredient


Zucchini, carrot and cheddar fritters

Cheese Muffins .

Three cheese mini muffins

Chocolate slice

Chocolate caramel pecan slice

Passion fruit cake .

Coconut, vanilla and passionfruit puddings