Melbourne, Australia

A view of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, by Atilla, showing St Patrick's Cathedral and hot air balloon overhead: "Watch Out For The Pointy Bit"

Hinterland Gold Coast Queensland

Why travel to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Visit World Heritage Rainforests of Mt Tamborine, Springbrook National Park, Lamington National Park, Natural Bridge and O'Reilly's. Southern Cross will ensure you see the best of what our Queensland landscape has to offer.

Aussie slang

"Full as a goog" Meaning: Extremely drunk, or unable to eat any more because you are full. 'Goog', abbreviated from 'googie', comes from 'Scots goggie', a child’s word for egg. Some other Australian phrases in the same sense:

Big Banana 1960s postcard

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour - a worthy entrant to the 'big things' list.


Brightly colored bathing boxes line the sand at Brighton Beach. Victorian morality created the huts, situated close to the shoreline so women could slip into their bathing costumes and race to the water discretely.

Gympie - cover of 1960s - 70s view folder.

Gympie - cover of - view folder. You do a search on Gympie and pictures of mullets come up!

Baby Golden Brushtail Possum

a tree-dwelling marsupial and native to Tasmania, had become the zoo& star attraction. The third Golden Brushtail Possum born at the zoo since Bailey is a testament to WILD LIFE Sydney?s successful breeding program. From zooborns via Linda Rommelaere