Mottlecah (Eucalyptus macrocarpa) Pangarinda Arboretum

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Shark bay Mallee or Eucalyptus roycei

Texture - Shark bay Mallee or Eucalyptus roycei

Eucalyptus macrocarpa

Kumihimo color inspiration - fab colors, combinations and palettes: A flower about to burst from its gumnut casing, Eucalyptus macrocarpa.


The Lung Cleansing Benefits of Eucalyptus


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eucalyptus burracoppinensis

EUCALYPTUS burracoppinensis Small mallee tree m spread 2 m. A rough barked trunk, is complimented with a lovely smooth grey bark of the branches. Creamy yellow flowers up to across, blooming winter to summer.

ooldea mallee flower, Yellabinna Regional Reserve, Tarcoola, South Australia

Large-fruited Mallee, Ooldea Mallee and Yarldarlba (Eucalyptus youngiana) A tree that occurs in arid and semi-arid areas of southern Western Australia and South Australia. It grows in red sands and sandy loams.

Round-leafed Mallee (Eucalyptus orbifolia) Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory. The round leaf mallee has rough bark that peels off showing the cream colored new bark underneath.

Eucalyptus orbifolia : The Round-leaved Mallee is an open tree or mallee shrub with rough bark that peels off in strips showing the cream coloured new bark underneathy.