Nutella and Raspberry Self Saucing Pudding - Shine Dining

Nutella & Raspberry Self Saucing Pudding Recipe - Shine Dining

Cointreau & Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe - Shine Dining

Rich, creamy and most importantly boozy. It has a lingering citrus taste of Cointreau and the subtle crunch and saltiness of the pistachios. This dessert is really easy to make at home and there's no need to have a fancy ice cream maker.

Creamy Chocolate Almond Quinoa Pudding - Shine Dining

A different take on a rice pudding with quinoa and almond milk, this nutty chocolate dessert is both nutritious and tasty. So good in fact I polished off the leftovers for breakfast the next day making for a great morning treat.

Mango, Mint and Coconut Sorbet - Shine Dining

Spring and summer are the seasons for mangos and what better way to enjoy them on hot day than in a refreshing sorbet. This sorbet is best made with ripe mangos that are fragrant and full of colour and flavour.

Coconut Rice Pudding with Caramelised Bananas - Shine Dining

Coconut Rice Pudding with Caramelised Bananas Recipe - Shine Dining