always-fair-weather: “ Franchot Tone, Marsha Hunt, Gene Kelly Pilot ”

Eisenhower jackets: were also a wartime suit style and were based off military jackets. They slightly bloused over the hips and cinched in at the waist with a belt. This jacket was named after Commander Dwight Eisenhower.

First photographs showing all four women's branches of the armed services in uniform.

A model stands on a Bloomsbury rooftop, holding on to wire railings as she leans slightly backwards, to show off her pale blue and black wool Atrima dress, costing 11 coupons., Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer

fashion photography is my favourite. The immaculate hair, the fullness of the skirt, the cute bows on the heels - you don't see style like that too often!

Both used jersey at a time when it was not the staple fabric it is today, both appropriated clothes for sport as everyday wear.