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Not today you don't! Darwin, Northern Territory, Saltwater Crocodile by francomottironi

Darwin, Northern Territory, Saltwater Crocodile by francomottironi. I didn't know crocs could jump like that! And it is so amazing that someone captured this moment in a photo. (I hope the bird got away.

The cage of death- Australia

8 Most Extreme Tourist Attractions

One wrong smack from the right reptile, you are Croc food. Australia's new Crocosaurus Cove park in Darwin allows thrill-seekers to swim face-to-face with massive saltwater crocodiles

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park,Kakadu, Australia:

✔️Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park,Kakadu, Australia: just magnificent!

Things to Do in Darwin Australia

Things to Do in Darwin, Australia

Edith Falls in Australia’s northern territory:

#TravelPinspiration: Waterfalls

Sunset in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

SKYCITY Darwin, The Gardens, Australia — by Caz and Craig @yTravelBlog

A monster 5.5m saltwater croc named Brutus gave a boatload of tourists a moment they will never forget south of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Monster Crocodile, Adelaide River, Australia photo via dailymail. this "monster croc" is missing an arm. how big was the other crocodile that bit this things arm off? i think your monster croc is still out there.

Sunset over Fannie Bay Darwin at the Trailer Boat Club, just one of the many clubs and resaurants around Darwin which provide a spectacular view over the water.

Enjoy Darwin with its relaxed Australian lifestyle. Information on travel, work, business and lifestyle for touring or living in Darwin City.

Mindle Beach market at sunset. Darwin, Australia

Delightful Darwin

We spent our final week in Australia at Dingo Moon Lodge in Darwin. So what can you do in the capital of the untamed Northern Territory?

Dinner at the Trailer Boat Club

Dinner at the Trailer Boat Club