Getting her Goa on

Running barefoot on sandy beaches, sampling inventive fusion food and fraternising with friendly tourists. SHONALI MUTHALALY narrates her adventures while driving along the scenic Konkan coast

Bengaluru Ola Auto driver is social media sensation

An Ola auto driver went out of his way to make a passenger feel safe, on a late night drive on a dark road

Going to seed

Sabja has an established list of benefits from aiding digestion and calming your mind to refreshing your skin.

Black, nutty and nutritious

A case of the sniffles leads SHONALI MUTHALALY to discover the wonders of the chewy, sticky black rice

On an organic quest

Does buying organic food also mean you are eating responsibly? The writer goes directly to the farmers to find out how to shop, and eat better.

A shot of the fine grown

Kitty litter, monkey spit and crops grown in spice patches. SHONALI MUTHALALY on artisan coffees

Keeping up with the hashtags

Orange bitters, whisky soaked liver pate and cordyceps? SHONALI MUTHALALY revives her column on dining, and discusses all the drama around it.

It’s time for Plan B

Chennai's newest bar is full of life, but still seems confused about its identity

Head over heels

Women from all rungs of society scrimp and save for his shoes. We meet celebrated French shoemaker, Christian Louboutin

Trawling for the perfect dish

Shonali Muthalaly documents her two days of fish-sampling and picks the best of what the city has to offer.

Jack of all flavours

Eat it raw, eat it cooked or eat it preserved… SHONALI MUTHALALY visits the Chennai Jackfruit Festival and discovers its many avatars

The vodka-drinking mystic

Sergey Yaroshinskiy, the man behind the country’s first formal Russian restaurant, talks to Shonali Muthalaly about his eat-pray-love journey

Fashion, London style

SHONALI MUTHALALY picks up some style tips from London. Here’s what’s trending in the fashion capital

Tch, tch, tch these Indian men…

Tch, tch, tch these Indian men… - The Hindu: Mobile Edition