Decolonisation but make it farshun, darling

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Commemorate when serial coloniser Captain Cook tried to get fresh with the Native Hawaiians on Valentines Day 1779 and met his grisly end. Cooked Concepts-designed fabric and beautifully made by hand, these shirts are the softest pure cotton. Comfort and Cook cringe. The perfect combination.


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a blue background with palm trees, flowers and an image of a man on the beach
Hawaiian Fabric
Want a closer look at this Cooked Concepts-designed fabric? It's what we use to make our Hawaiian Skirts and Shirts. It's basically freaking gorgeous and pure cotton to boot. #decolonise #decolonizaiton #makeitfarshun #captaincook #mahalo
A Hawaiian shirt with a blue background and beautiful coloured flowers, depicting the Native Hawaiians killing Captain James Cook. Cooking, Fresh, Shirt, Cook