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a person holding up a wreath with an image of a door in the middle and flowers around it
Couronne Végétale Hobbit / Faërie
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two old window frames are decorated with flowers
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Light up Fairy Window Night Light, Nite, Wall Hanging, Fairy Forest, Wood Craft, Woodland Window, Fairy Decor, Fairy Lantern, Faery Window - Etsy
a small statue of a snail with two red mushrooms on it's back legs
le "Gastéropode du Doubs" petite curiosité sous globe par Michèle Giraudo
Les champignons en papier mâché on élus domicile dans la coquille d'un escargot le tout mis sous globe façon cabinet de curiosités par l'artiste Michele Giraudo
there is a tea cup with mushrooms in it on top of a tree stumps
Win Big at the Flower Show: Award-Winning Fairy Garden Corners (2024)
Create a show-stopping fairy garden corner that will impress the judges with these award-winning ideas!
Air dry clay mushrooms | More on IG: @those.wicked.lines
Difficulty: Medium You’ll need these: • Air dry clay (I use Fimo) • Water • Sculpting tools (one must be sharp) • Hook