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Learn in 3 steps how to embroider a different type of Daisy Flower - the Healthy Kidney edition 🫐
I’ve used 6 strands of floss for the petals and for the middle of the flower. ✨ Steps: 1. To insert that purple detail on the petals, we need to first work small Straight Stitches all around the shape. ✨ 2. With a different color thread, from the back of the fabric, take your needle at the base of the petal, and bring it up on the surface of the fabric. Run the needle under the Straight Stitch and go back into the fabric close to where you came out. ✨ 3. The middle of the flower is worked with a bunch of Colonial Knots in 6 strands. French Knots can also be worked in this area. It depends on your preferences. You can find the tutorial in my posts or on my YouTube page. ✨
a close up of a piece of cloth with different colored shapes on it and a metal frame
Abstract Embroidery Kit - Pink Linen
Let your imagination run wild with my Abstract Embroidery Kit! This playful and unconventional kit has everything you need to make a one-of-a-kind embroidery design. With detailed instructions and stitching tips, you can create a vibrant work of art. The kit includes felt shapes and fabric for you to arrange in your own unique style. Use creative stitching to bring these shapes to life and make an original piece of art that will look great in your home. This abstract embroidery kit is suitable f
a wall hanging made out of fabric and beads
Elizabeth Pawle
beads embroidery basic stitches for beginners غرزات التطريز