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Sianna Caddy

I love putting the brilliant pictures I find around the internet on here so others can enjoy them too
Sianna Caddy
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The amount of sass in those comments is inspirational

I might do the same actually. Ain't nobody got time to be cleaning no big pool. And paying a pool boy is another bill!

It would be great if all countries were as chill as Switzerland and Liechtenstein

"Um Sir we lost Switzerland" "Again?" "We lost Switzerland" "Again?" - Band of Brothers in Switzerland

June 2012 by dr-grizscald

June 2012 by dr-grizscald


That time "Agents of SHIELD" said that the reason Hydra waited 70 years to return is because no dared to make a move while Peggy Carter was in charge.because she is a BOSS

I have enough trouble with left and right

Yes, please. I do not have a compass so therefore your directions mean nothing to me.

Good for writing but it doesn't hurt to know these things for real life as well

Fighting Reference - various weak points I'm not a psycho, I'm a writer. assuming there is a difference.🔜if I'm choreographing a fight scene I need to know this stuff ok?

Key elements of culture to help with worldbuilding

Elements of Culture ~ Relevant to world building in fiction. I certainly wouldn't attempt to determine every one of these elements.BUT this fantastic chart is a great place to get a grasp of your storyline.

Main characters need to be relatable but it helps if villains are too

this is true, and that's part of the reason that i don't get scared of horror movies with aliens, because it's scarier to think that a human can harm and hurt another humab.<< that was beautiful up until the typo<< I'm just thinking levanna from TLC