Sian Rawlinson

Sian Rawlinson

Sian Rawlinson
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stacked mugs

stacked mugs - I keep collecting ideas for this Starbuck's -coffee-kind-of-art-project I've got brewing! Jeanette Carlstrom has wonderful, whimsical art on her page!

Imagine Explore Create: Traditional Chinese Landscapes - Year 5

Chinese landscape with temple, traced in sharpie, color with chalk pastel, blown ink to create a tree

PagodaLesson (20)

Create a watercolor painting based on characteristics of Asian/Chinese Architecture.

a faithful attempt: Taj Mahal Symmetrical Drawings

This is a great lesson if you& studying the art of India or architecture. My goal with this project was to teach students how to make.

Clay Castles

clay castles a lesson using clay Dynamic Art Projects for Children i s, by far, the best printed resource for creative art lesson.