Homemade Nutella - thermomix

homemade nutella: Ingredients: 2 cups chopped toasted hazelnuts (filberts) cup to 1 cup powdered sugar cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder to cup canola oil MAYBE COCONUT OIL?

Hollandaise Sauce - Thermomix

Eggs Florentine - Stimulating the love of excellence in society is an important element of the nobility's mission - Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

thermomix Macaron Recipe

Thermomix Macarons

How to make macarons with Thermomix, 75 gr. blanched almonds or almond meal 140 gr. icing sugar (to make your own see tip below recipe) 10 gr. granulated sugar (about 1 tbsp) 60 gr. egg whites (about pinch of fine sea salt (macaroon tower tutorial)

Thermomix Fried Rice Recipe

Thermomix Fried Rice Recipe (tried - great! Add chicken next time. if halving recipe add more liquid)

Forum Thermomix - The best Thermomix recipes and community - Zucchini & Rice Pie

Forum Thermomix - The best Thermomix recipes and community - Zucchini Rice Pie

Thermomix Puff Pastry Recipe

Iced Puff Pastry

Ice, butter and flour combine easily in a Thermomix kitchen machine for fun and fast puff pastry on a whim.

Thermomix Banana Muffins

Thermomix Banana Muffins I used 4 small bananas and two handfuls of strawberries to make banana and strawberry muffins. I added the strawberries at the same time as the bananas. Worked out really well (Strawberry Muffin Baby)

Thermomix Nougat Recipe

Thermomix Nougat Recipe Tasted some homemade nougat yesterday and dreaming of eating them again! With Thermomix, it would be so easy.

Chicken Kiev, thermomix style

No 15 of 20 top recipes! Recipe Chicken Kiev by makeitperfect - Recipe of category Main dishes - meat

Meatball Thermomix

My Melbourne Thermomix: Meatballs for dinner *note - add extra water to sauce

Fresh asparagus pesto

Asparagus Pesto

A surprising green gem from the people who know asparagus best -- the asparagus farmers! This raw asparagus recipe is healthy, and super fast with Thermomix.