A Pinterest board highlighting "THE POWER OF IMAGES" to completely transform your Social Media marketing. Some recent examples here from my work in the field…
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an advertisement for global twitter marketing
GRAPHIC DESIGN 4 SOCIAL MARKETING is a platform where the user can very easily and quickly create their own free newspaper. Ideal for businesses and people with a message to share and create a following. #socialmedia #beforeandafter #makeover #globalsocialmediacoaching #graphics #graphicdesign
an advertisement for the global twitter marketing service is displayed in front of two computer screens
YouTube does a great job of covering more than one angle with the same image. Again, very specific guidelines come into play, but the result is clearly user efficient, insuring more platforms are supported with the same groundwork. #socialmedia #beforeandafter #makeover #globalsocialmediacoaching #graphics #graphicdesign
two facebook screens with the same image on them
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An example of how an image can speak a thousand words. When that image is the Facebook cover photo of Keith Keller, who has legions of followers, then that image will speak many, many thousands of words. #socialmedia #beforeandafter #makeover #globalsocialmediacoaching #graphics #graphicdesign
a tablet with a man on it next to a cup of coffee and pen, which reads how many months later? still doing your own graphics?
Dear Business Owner / Entrepreneur, how are you managing your time? Graphics can be a laborious task and chances are, your Vision may get lost in translation if you´re not a professional Graphic Designer. SLDesign has a number of possibilities for businesses who are looking for an impactful Social presence. Go to and see which one is most adequate to your case.
two flyers for the twitterr is the buzz builder
eBook cover revamp for Nicholla Henderson of The Learning Curve Podcast #TwitterIsTheBuzzBuilder #thelearningcurvepodcast #womeninbusiness #socialmediamarketing
We´ve all heard not to judge a book by its cover. Well, it´s not true. Here´s why. #beforeandafter #socialmedia #slfolio #graphicdesign #bookcover #globalsocialmediacoaching #keithkeller Beforeandafter, Judge, Heard
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We´ve all heard not to judge a book by its cover. Well, it´s not true. Here´s why. #beforeandafter #socialmedia #slfolio #graphicdesign #bookcover #globalsocialmediacoaching #keithkeller
a blue box with the title slider design facebook graphics business plan
SLDesign Facebook Graphics Personal Plan
SLDesign Facebook Graphics Personal Plan
a blue box with the title slider design facebook graphics business plan
Businesses, you get 1 year of monthly updates and fresh graphics. Solidify and acquire follower base. Perfect add-on to an existing Mktg Plan. Research, you´ll find that the starting price for 1 Timeline Cover is set at just above $120. This plan will give you 3 times that + all the goodies – for less than the price of 1! All final image files delivered, keep and use them whenever you want. I´ll be bringing up the prices on this package soon, unique opportunity to grab a high value deal
the facebook cover is designed to look like it has been created for an advertising campaign
I will design your FREE Facebook Timeline Cover. Contact me, send me your info, details to feature, image you´d like to use, target public, contacts. First come, first served - LIMITED OFFER to 25 - HURRY!!
three facebook pages with different images on them
Lifestyle Supplements needs an online presence on Facebook to match the quality of their services, targeting their client base was fundamental and conveying their expertise in the area was achieved through a "face" to show for. #socialmedia #beforeandafter #makeover #globalsocialmediacoaching #graphics #graphicdesign
a sign that says, create your top life today to living international robert alcumier
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Top Living International is a personal performance company that helps and empowers people to create their top life. Along with a marketing deploy for one of their events, the Facebook cover needed to reflect the flyers an posters created for the event, which was exactly what done.
a blue banner with the words global twitter marketing and an image of a globe on it
Looking for a specific theme or conversation in the world of social media? Did you know you can index all your specific themes with a hashtag? If you´ve seen the recent viral video of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, you´ll know what this is about:) Welcome to twubs, where all conversations happen under the hashtag! #socialmedia #beforeandafter #makeover #globalsocialmediacoaching #graphics #graphicdesign
a business card with the words global twitter marketing
THE REBRAND HAS BEGUN!! #SocialMedia 4 #Branding #GraphicDesign
an open book with instructions on how to use the gym equipment for exercise and fitness
A revamp to the way the Christmas catalog is presented for Elite Fitness clients. Added colour, upsized format, real human Santa, and emphasis placed on each product. You can tell the difference in the low quality photograph and the mockup, nevertheless an example of how the same content looks in two very distinctive ways.
a man holding his hands out in front of him with the words create a magnet 2012
How your Facebook Cover photo can be used to send diverse messages to your friends and / or followers