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a black and white photo of a woman sitting on a stool with her legs crossed
Hairstyle for Woman with Shorthair
touchemodels.com women monique-spronk
Make Up Eyes, Charlize Theron, Karim Sadli, Pretty Celebrities, Makeup Eyes, 인물 사진, Pretty Makeup, Beautiful Skin
Charlize Theron - Dior 2014 (by Karim Sadli)
a black and white photo of a woman leaning against a wall
Kate Winslet Is Practically Unrecognizable On "Harper's Bazaar UK"
three women and one man are posing for a photo together in front of a gray background
Melanie Griffith takes pet pooch for walk in Aspen
Family affair: Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter gathered Tippi Hedren, Melanie, Don Johnson, and Dakota Johnson for a Hollywood dynasty photo shoot
a collage of women posing in different poses
a woman sitting on top of a chair in a black dress with her legs crossed
Julianne Moore
a woman sitting on the ground with her legs crossed
crêpes suzette & a camera - [o] suze q
Love this pose- very simple but may not show off clothes so may just be for me as an extra add on
an old woman looking at the camera with three other women in the background behind her
Семейная фотосессия в студии | Фотосессия на дому | Настя Околот
two women and an older woman are posing for a magazine advertiser's photo
3 generations...beautiful! Love the pose