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#230 big (small) jet plane crane Grey weather, nagging rain, autumn creeping in my heart. Being reminded of not truly belonging anywhere anymore. "Gonna take you on a ride on a big jet plane..." #origami #paperart #project365 #senbazuru #1000cranes #bigjetplane #angusandjuliastone #plane #blvart #art_we_inspire #icarustsuru

Artist Cristian Marianciuc began 2015 by creating a unique personal journal. While his diary does involve paper, it's definitely not your conventional note


Paris based visual artist and paper crafter Aline Houdé-Diebolt has produced this campaign focusing on a subject that is super sensitive to us all, our ecosystem, while in this particular instance the detriment of pollution to our oceans.

Artist Folds a New Paper Crane to Describe Each Day of the Year for an "Origami Journal"

Artist Cristian Mariancius creates an origami paper crane every day to record each day in a very unique way.

Paper Sculptures by Assembli. Etsy Shop.

Paper Sculptures by Assembli. Etsy Shop.