TS3 to TS2 - Store Worlds

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Roaring Heights/Boardwalk

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Midnight Hollow/Golden Ticket Toy Shop

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Dragon Valley

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Aurora Skies/Tiny Prodigies Learning Centre

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Monte Vista/Al Fresco Street Market

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Sunlit Tides

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Lucky Palms/Lucky Simoleon Casino

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Lunar Lakes

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Hidden Springs

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Pirate Booty: Barnacle Bay and TSM Pirates & Nobles Conversions - In the City in the Rain

Barnacle Bay/Buccaneer’s Bounty

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Broke (Ruby, Skip)


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three women standing next to each other wearing dresses and headbands on their heads
two animated women standing next to each other
four different types of windows with shutters on each side and an arch above them
[Granted]Convert from S3toS2 a Door and an Arch
three planters with plants in them on top of the balcony railings and below
[Granted]Convert from S3toS2 a Door and an Arch
two tables with fruits and vegetables on them sitting in the middle of a grass field
3t2 Fruit & Vegetable Displays
Doors, Architecture, Tower, Historic Buildings, Dining Experiences, Building Roof, Bistro, Building
3t2 Monte Vista Bistro/Bookstore Set
a house with sunflowers in front of it and two windows on the side
3t2 - Dragon Valley - Sun Windows
Spring Cleaning, Cleaning, Outdoor, Double Doors, Eco Friendly, Dial
3t2 - Spring Cleaning
two men standing next to each other in front of an orange background, one wearing a suit
two animated men standing next to each other in front of a blue background with the same image on it
Mod, Colorful, Firm, Edition
TS3_TS2 Serenity Retreat
Fantasy, The Dragon, Pretty Pictures, Misty, Ornate, Wrong
3t2- Dragon Valley - Build Objects
four different colored seats sitting on top of a green grass covered field next to each other
3t2- Dragon Valley - Build Objects
a woman standing in front of a stone building with a wooden door and green plants
3t2 - Dragon Valley - Ornate Door
the shelves are filled with different colored containers
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