Australian Native Plants & Gardens

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How to pick Australian native plants for your garden

Take the guesswork out of gardening and go straight for plants that not only suit our harsh Australian climate, but also look beautiful in your garden.

Grevillea 'Canberra Gem'

This rarely seen and unusual evergreen shrub will provide fantastic year round interest in your garden. It bears spiky deep

Making An Outdoor Native Garden

If you decide to grow a native garden, you help the planet as well as saving yourself work. There are several ways to create a native garden.

How to grow Australian native flowers

The most commonly loved Australian native flowers include waratahs, banksias and gum blossoms, kangaroo paws and Christmas bush. Here, Horticulturalist Meredith Kirton reveals how to grow Australian natives in your own backyard.

Best Australian Native Feature Plants

7 leading landscape designers reveal their favourite Australian natives. Give your garden a truly local feel!

Western Australia's Wildflowers

Angus Stewart clues us in on the best ways to see Western Australia’s extraordinary wildflowers.

Total Yard Makeover on a Microscopic Budget

Unfortunately, reviving a dilapidated yard requires more than watering the lawn and pulling out weeds. Many homeowners let their yard run wild because they know that a huge landscaping project will cost them a pretty penny and a lot of work. If you think your yard needs a total makeover, yet you find yourself on a tight budget, you can still make amazing transformations on the cheap. With a little creative scrounging and some careful planning, a project like this doesn’t have to break…

How to add IMPACT to your Gardens (5th and state)

Whew, this time of year is sheer madness, garden designs and installs, interior designs and installs, equals one tired gal! Thankfully the shop is in the best of hands with the best of staff. One bit

Australian native plants: the essential guide

The Top 30 plants including native grasses, desert plants, shrubs, ground cover, succulents, herbs, food plants, fruit and berries.

Bromeliad Plant Care: How To Grow Bromeliad House Plants

Bromeliads are epiphytic plants that grow on trees or logs instead of in soil. If you’re new to growing bromeliads, bromeliad plant care is much different than other plants. Learn everything you need to know about how to grow bromeliads including watering, lighting, fertilizer, soil, and more in this in-depth guide.

Evolution of a garden (and gardener!) as I go native - GardenDrum

Perched on the top of a windswept hill in the Hunter Valley, this Australian native...