Vanilla Marshmallow

We love making our own marshmallow, especially in winter to add to hot chocolates. It's also great for additive free birthday parties

Hokey Pokey Ice-Cream

WOW – am I allowed to say one word? This recipe is totally WOW, its YUM! You will need our hokey pokey bits for this recipe but we’ve got a .

Watermelon and Apple Icypoles

This flavour is so refreshing, its just beautiful and one of our favs! The apple gives it a lovely sweet flavour and the watermelon is so refreshing.

Caramel Swirl Ice-Cream

Caramel Swirl is the best ice-cream you will ever eat, it is seriously that good!

Pops – Apple, Rockmelon and Passionfruit

These Pops are sweet and delicious and so versatile. You can fill these reusable pouches over and over saving you a fortune!

Lemon Cheesecake

This one makes an amazing dessert, your whole family will love it. It does take a few hours to set however.


Chocolate Protein Pancakes – GF & DF

If you'd like a chocolate pancake with chocolately goodness then this is the recipe for you!These are so simple you can have them for a midweek breakfast.

Raspberry or Rhubarb Coconut Cake

This raspberry or rhubarb cake is a beautiful dessert served with some whipped cream or ice-cream. It makes a large cake and freezes well.

Instant Raspberry Ice-Cream – Wholefood Style

Instant Raspberry Ice-Cream – Wholefood Style

Raspberry and White Choc Ice-Cream – Egg Free

Raspberry and White Choc Ice-Cream - Egg Free - Sistermixin

Rainbow Ice-Cream (additive and preservative free)

Rainbow Ice-Cream (additive and preservative free) - Sistermixin

Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream – egg free

Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream - yes please! This raw and egg free icecream is a real winner in our house, we are sure it will be in yours too!

Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard makes the best dessert ever. You can have this plain or over your favourite pudding, either way it's great.