Easy Lemon Slice

This Lemon Slice is very easy and super tasty. There are only a few simple steps to create it and it will freeze well (iced and all)'

LCM Bars – Sistermixin’ Additive Free Style

We’ve wanted to make marshmallow bars for a long time, but I wanted them to be additive free, being an additive free family and all.

Chocolate Bliss Balls

Chocolate Bliss Balls - curb the cravings without the guilt!

Caramel Slice

I woke up this morning and was craving caramel slice. It was all I could think about all day so I finally made one this afternoon.

Peppermint Slice

It was coming up to Christmas time and we wanted a nice after dinner snack….so peppermint slice was added to the list of things to make.

Chocolate Fudge Slice

We love making chocolate slice and we love coming up with a few different variations. After playing around one day we came up with Fudge Slice.

Chocolate Crunch Slice is one of the easiest that we have on our website, give it a try and let us know what you think.


Hokey Pokey Brownies – Gluten Free!

These delicious Hokey Pokey Brownies are so soft and sweet. They are a real chocoholic's dream and the added Hokey Pokey Bits make it so special.

Yoghurt Berry Slice

If you've got some yoghurt about to go out of date then this is a great recipe to use it up! It is soft and moist and oh so delicious.

Raw Coconut and Almond Bars

Raw Coconut and Almond Bars - Sistermixin

Bellini, Bellinis

Energy Boost Beetroot Slice

Beetroot is an amazing source of energy, so used in this slice you will fix the slump with a slice of this. It freezes well iced and all.

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is a real treat, it's sweet and delicious and my husbands favourite!