16feathers Winter Collection Girls

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This years Girls Winter Collection was all about creating timeless peices that can be worn with a range of layering garments. For girls - all things lace, frilly and girly, using gorgeous embellishments with a hint of vintage elegance. Children should be comfortable in their clothing, free to play, and most of all enjoying wearing a garment that is a little bit different and made with a whole lot of love! Here is just a snapshot of our shoot................. Beautiful Images by www.jookelly.com

 'Poppy' Headband and Longsleeve Set. Winter Scarves, Winter Collection, Beautiful Images, Poppy, Headbands, Girly, Elegant, Lace, Long Sleeve

'Coco' Scarf. 'Poppy' Headband and Longsleeve Set. Sizes 1-7

Mariposa Longsleeve and Headband Set. Winter Collection, Beautiful Images, Girly, Women's, Girly Girl

Mariposa Longsleeve and Headband Set. Sizes 1-7