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large green leaves are growing on the side of a wooden table in front of other plants
Variegated Orchidantha in Min's Garden Singapore
three different pictures of plants and leaves in the woods, one is purple with green foliage
Fig. 10. Hanguana corneri Škorničk. & P.C.Boyce. A. Habit. B. Base of...
Hanguana corneri
a large green plant sitting in the middle of a forest
Hanguana bogneri, from Borneo at Fairchild Garden photo by Chad Husby
a purple flower is blooming in the center of a green plant
Photo: Siderasis fuscata | Z. Commelinaceae (others) album | Nora Goosen
Siderasis fuscata
a person standing in front of green leaves on the ground with their feet propped up
kaempferia sp. in Thailand photo by Chalermchart Soorangura
red leaves that are growing on the ground
Black Olive East Nursery | Wholesale Plants and Perennials
Iresine herbstii 'brilliantissima'
a plant with green leaves in a garden
Begonia elaeagnifolia
some white flowers are growing in the dirt
Photo of Reineckea carnea flower, foliage by Far Reaches Farm
Reineckia carnea
some plants that are growing in the ground
Tacca plantaginea
a close up of a plant with green and white stripes
Agapanthus 'Summer Gold'
some plants are growing on the side of the road
Piper sarmentosum (Betel Pepper Vine)
a large purple flower in a pot on the ground
a purple flower sitting on top of green leaves in a planter filled with yellow and green foliage
PERISTROPHE hyssopifolia
some white and green plants in the dirt
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Cineraria 'Silver dust'