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the book cover for the greek revolution, with an image of men on horseback in front of
The Greek Revolution : Mark Mazower
The Greek Revolution : Winner of the Duff Cooper Prize • Named a top history book of the year by The EconomistFrom one of our leading historians, the definitive history of the Greek War of Independence The Greek War of Independence was an unlikely cause, a disorganized collection of Greek patriots up against what was still one of the most storied empires in the world, the Ottomans. The revolutionaries needed all the help they could get. And they got it, as Europeans and Americans e...
the cover of citizen scientist searching for honey and hope in an age of eximition
Three New Books Showcase Science Storytelling
Three New Books Showcase Science Storytelling – Cool Green Science
the cover of michael folly's book, farming for the long haul
"Farming for the Long Haul" Explores Coming Challenges - Hobby Farms
"Farming for the Long Haul" Calls on Farmers to Meet the Coming Planetary Challenges - Hobby Farms
a book cover with an image of a deer
Regeneration by Andrew Painting Paperback | Indigo Chapters
the cover of j b mackinnon's book, the once and future world
The Once and Future World: Nature As It Was, As It Is, As It Could Be
a book cover with an image of a map and the words, the white possessive
The White Possessive Par Aileen Moreton-Robinson Couverture Souple | Indigo Chapters
the cover of land by simon winchester
Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World,’ by Simon Winchester.
Using his own land purchase as a jumping-off point, Winchester explores the political, social and emotional meaning humans have attached to property over the centuries. His book takes readers across the world, touching on dispossession, boundary-drawing and humanity’s “frenetic appetite for territory.” (Winchester, whose previous books have taken up the eruption of Krakatoa, the origins of the Oxford English Dictionary, a history of the Atlantic Ocean and other capacious topics.
the front cover of land bridges
Land Bridges ebook by Alan Graham - Rakuten Kobo
Land Bridges: Ancient Environments, Plant Migrations, And N...
the art of ex - planation by ros atkin's book cover
The Art of Explanation: How to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence
The Art of Explanation: How to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence eBook : Atkins, Ros: Kindle Store
the evolution of knowledge rethinking science for the anthropenen
The Evolution of Knowledge: Rethinking Science for the Anthropocene by Renn, Jürgen - 0691218595 by Princeton University Press
A fundamentally new approach to the history of science and technology This book presents a new way of thinking about the history of science and technology, one that offers a grand narrative of human history in which knowledge serves as a critical factor of cultural evolution. J?rgen Renn examines the role of knowledge in global transformations going back to the dawn of civilization while providing vital perspectives on the complex challenges confronting us today in the Anthropocene-this new geol
a book cover with the title scenes from prehistic life
Scenes from Prehistoric Life: From the Ice Age to the Coming of the Romans by Francis Pryor | Goodreads