Maxines Burn : Breakfast Berry Smoothie

Ingredients: ¼ cup vanilla yogurt (preferably low-fat) ¼ fresh strawberries ¼ fresh raspberries ¼ fresh blueberries ¼ cup of water ¼ cup ice 1 packet of alternaVites Directions: Place all ingredien…

Maxines Burn : Vegie Sticks with Dip

Crohn's Snacks You Can Pack - Crohn's Disease Center - Everyday Health oooo XD

Maxines Burn : Cheese Omlete & Sauteed Vegetables

The Ultimate Healthy Omelet for Breakfast - Here is a recipe for an extremely healthy omelet that tastes great and is full of nutrition. In fact, I think you would be hard-pressed to come up with a better breakfast to start the day with.

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