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a poster with the words, find your dream job and an image of a house
Brass Hands
welcome email …
the website for jewelry store, welcome
Growth Hacker
Tory Burch | welcome | WelcomeEmails | emailmarketing | email | newsletter…
the back side of a computer screen showing several different lines and shapes in white, black, and grey
Whoa! That's a pretty long welcome mail. Great to see activities like that.
the website design for everlane
Everlane: welcome email
the website design for an event venue with a woman's face and hair on it
Guess Welcome Email
two women standing next to each other in front of a white background with the caption, h & m loft insider we just met you and this is crazy but here's 20 % off
Here is a catchy welcome email that rewards the customer for signing up! #welcome www.icontact.com
the website page for an event with photos and text on it, including two people
Parking Page
old-fashioned letter style. Probably not for us but fun to see.
a woman in shorts and a white shirt with the words hello & welcome on it
Loft | welcome | WelcomeEmails | emailmarketing | email | newsletter | welcome newsletter | welcome email | WelcomeEmail | relationship emails | emailDesign
"Hello and welcome" While Warby Parker was still fresh in our minds this welcome email was sent within 24 hours of subscription. The fun and cheeky copy welcomes us to the brand while the happy dance animation in the primary module catches our eye and gives us something to delight in.
a woman is holding a red handbag in her right hand and the words welcome on it
This is a great way to show the value in your emails without a discount: 5 Reasons We Know You'll Love Us. #welcome #email
an image of a web page with different colors
Very organized and yet, attractive to the readers eye. A great way to read a long EDM without experiencing fatigue!
the website for kate spade's email
I like this a lot, but don't know if it's a waste to send something like this.
the starbucks coffee shop website is displayed on a tabletop with an image of a cup
Email Marketing
Welcome Email - Starbucks Nice welcome email from Starbucks. Simple, effective and to the point with main calls to action.
the front page of a website with an image of a woman in striped shirt and white skirt
Got You Looking 👀 | Fashion | THE ICONIC
Welcome email from The Iconic. #welcomeemail