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An Emu bird in its outdoor enclosure in the Duisburg zoo, northwestern Germany. Emus are the second largest member of the ratite group of flightless birds. They are Australia's national bird. Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Love Birds, National Bird Of Australia, Emu Bird, Planeta Animal, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Odd Animals


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Emu Are Basically Feathery Ninjas - Fact Fiend Wtf Fun Facts, Crazy Facts, Meanwhile In Australia, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Australia Animals, Fandoms, Memes Of The Day, Dc Memes

Emu Are Basically Feathery Ninjas - Fact Fiend

Emus are considered one of the Australia’s deadliest and fuzziest creatures, impressive considering the competition it’s up against. But along with being deadly, the emu is also hilariously derpy, as evidenced by one of its favourite hobbies. Poking people with its beak. If you think we’re taking the piss when we said that the emu …

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Emu Farming Made Easy

As our emu farm and our emu farming skills mature, the daunting to-do lists become more manageable and certain themes start to crystallize. no more building or buying equipment is necessary and now it’s time to put our effort to improving productivity never stop learning and sharing with other emu farmers pay attention to marketing our farm products effectively When we looked at our records over seven breeding seasons, egg production and chick survivability results were within industry…

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‘Emu Admiring Her Newly Layed Eggs’ by Paulette1021

'Emu Admiring Her Newly Layed Eggs' by Paulette1021. Thank you for looking at my Photography !! Paulette

Discover Baby Emus, they're cute ,curious, and full of energy. Watch the video to see what you think. Garden Up Green The Ostrich, Ostriches, Big Bird, Emu, Garden Sculpture, Wildlife, Backyard, Earth, Raising

Baby Emus at Garden Up Green

They're in the backyard exploring new territory.

Raising a lone baby emu with baby chickens benefits both! Baby Chickens, Emu, Poultry, Raising, Backyard Chickens, Baby Chicks

Raising a lone baby emu with baby chickens benefits both!

Intelligent co-managed raising turkeys and chickens together useful reference Turkey Farm, Baby Turkey, Best Chicken Coop, Chicken Coops, Australian Birds, Baby Chicks, Small Farm, Raising Chickens, Animaux

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My Experience Raising Emus (They Make Great Pets!) - Backyard Poultry

Add to Favorites By Alexandra Douglas – I embarked on raising emus a couple years ago. I wanted to hatch one so bad because they are “cute,” however it is …

Raising Emu's is pretty fun and a little time consuming. Learn more about the early stages. We raise them to protect our sheep. Garden Up Green(Chicken Backyard Baby Chicks) Backyard Poultry, Backyard Farming, Chickens Backyard, Duck Or Rabbit, Game Fowl, Farm Activities, The Barnyard, Mini Farm, Hobby Farms

Garden Up Green - Startle Garden and Quail

Garden Up Green motivates while teaching others to garden and raise quail. Our Startle Garden system uses easy to maintain raised beds with resources to guide each season and raise quail naturally.