Black Lace.

Bombastic Evening Dresses With Lace And Chiffon

Perfect stretching

Splits Boudoir Dancer Pose - Flexibility * ~by Jeff Peterson Photography *

Cornell Capa, L’école des ballets du Bolchoï – 1958

Bolshoi Ballet School, Moscow, Photo: Cornell Capa/Magnum Photos, courtesy of the International Center of Photography. Capa founded the International Center of Photography in New York after a long and distinguished career as a photojournalist,.


This humble hydrant from the Lowest East Side probably never expected such a nice moment with Alys // Ballerina Project love to dance

Learn the bachata!!

A guide on how to dance bachata well and become an amazing bachata dancer by listening to and getting in touch with the music, finding the right partner, getting up close and personal, and being sexy!