totem tennis

tether ball - loved it so much Dad built one in the backyard

Old paper money least the new plastic notes don't get mooshed in the wash. But these are prettier.

The Colour of Money . Australian money, that is. These are paper notes which have since been replaced by more durable plastic notes.

Qantas Airline vintage travel poster - Australia beach

Qantas Airline vintage travel poster - Australia beach ……re pinned by Maurie Daboux ♪ ♪

the classic EH Holden wagon

EH Holden 1963 Station Wagon Surfing Tin Sign

The classic 1964 EH Holden station wagon was one of the more popular models Holden produced.

Old Photos of Australian Aborigines

Old Photos of Australian Aborigines. Oral traditions of historical life in Aboriginal Australia communicated through stories and families

Mr Squiggle...loved this show!

Squiggle - was a childrens show Puppet many years ago on TV, he"talked" to Miss Pat, as he drew a picture on a piece of paper from a pencil that was his nose

'Sunny Boys !!'  remember Snip's, Razz's and Sunny Boys from the school canteens in the 70's

Sunny Boys, Razzes, Zaps and Glugs - all a huge part of primary school Remember the promo where inside the the label you could win a one- best prize ever!

Men's swimwear, 1930s

File:Young male surfers ("The Pier Club Mob") tease Alf "Bait" Gould about his backless swimsuit (a gift from his girlfriend), Bondi Beach, 10 October by Sam Hood