A great guide to cooking grains

This is a cooking chart for how to cook different grains. Very helpful! Brown rice provides superior nutrition value over white rice - we buy brown rice in bags for cheap and this is a main grain!

ANZAC Slice *


Make a break from the traditional biscuits with a deliciously easy ANZAC Slice! This ANZAC slice is the perfect lunch box treat!

Thermomix Beetroot, Fet and Spinach Tart. Great recipe for a light and healthy dinner.

Thermomix Beetroot Feta Tart

Make this delicious Thermomix Beetroot Feta Tart at home for the whole family. It is a healthy recipe that is easy to prepare in your Thermi.

Sweet Potato & Haloumi Fritters

Recipe Sweet Potato and Haloumi Burgers by VeggieNessie - Recipe of category Main dishes - vegetarian

skinnymixer's Coconut Curried Sausages , fry sausages in pan. Mc off in last step to get thicker sauce

Coconut Curried Sausages Thermomix Also try with chicken strips/pieces instead of sausages - cook in varoma or throw into the sauce to cook

Thermomix Almond Butter - made with only almonds and ready in less than 5 minutes.

Thermomix Almond Butter - Fail proof tips for the perfect Thermomix Almond Butter, made with only Almonds and nothing else and ready in less than 5 minutes. This Thermomix Almond Butter is tastier and more nutritional than anything out of a jar.

Thermomix Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

This Thermomix Cream Cheese Frosting recipe has been my favourite for a couple of years now and is perfect on top of every cake from Carrot to Red Velvet!

I make these in the Thermomix all the time! They're so yum! #thermomix #healthy #muffins

Zucchini & Ham Muffins

Nigella's Choc Chip Muffins Thermomix

Nigella’s Chocolate Chip Muffins in the Thermomix