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a woman holding a medal in her right hand and flowers on the other side of her face
Larisa Andreea Iordache Photostream
Larisa Iordache - Floor Bronze - Worlds 2013
a woman is performing on the balance beam with her legs in the air while wearing red and black
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Larisa Iordache of Romania - All-Around - Worlds 2013
an old photo of a woman doing gymnastics
WATCH: Fox News Tackles The Olympics Again
Nadia Comăneci
a black and white photo of a woman in the air
I'm a super-fit mum at 46, says former gymnast Nadia who stunned the world with her Olympic perfect 10
Nadia Comăneci
a woman jumping in the air while wearing a white leotard with red stripes
Romanian Gymnastics
Teodora Ungureanu
a female gymnastics player in action on the balance beam with her arms stretched out and hands extended
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Cătălina Ponor
Cătălina Ponor of Romania Gera, Sports Fails, Gymnastics Flexibility, Flexibility Dance
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Cătălina Ponor of Romania
a group of young children sitting next to each other on top of tennis court chairs
Lavinia Milosovici of Romania
a woman standing on top of a tennis court holding her arm in the air
Ana Porgras of Romania
a woman in a black leotard and some flags
Vault gold for Sandra Izbașa. London 2012.