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a green and blue dress with gold trims
Off The Rack Dresses - Blackthorn Tailors. I like the silhouette - would be very flattering for a petite figure.
a group of women in blue dresses on stage
Australian Irish Dancing Photography Swoose MediaImages
Simpson Academy of Irish Dance - Canberra
Irish Dance: Australian International Oireachtas 2014 Dance Costumes, Dresses, Leather Skirt, Irish Dancing Dresses, Irish Dance, Dance Dress, Dance Dresses
Irish Dance: Australian International Oireachtas 2014
blue and gold embroidered cloths are laying on top of each other in the shape of an ornate design
Beautiful Doire Design Dress
Elevation detail.
two female cheerleaders in black and blue outfits with gold medals on their necks
2013 Australian Irish Dance Championships
2013 Australian Irish Dance Championships Turquoise Skirt
2013 Australian Irish Dance Championships
a woman in white and pink is standing on the stage with her legs crossed while wearing knee high socks
Irish Dance - Pink
Irish Dance Big Embroidery, Irish Kilt, Irish Tea, Cultural Clothing
Irish Dance
a woman in a blue and gold costume standing next to a door with her hands on her hips
Celtic Star
two people standing next to each other wearing colorful shoes
one step at a time
Feis at the Beach 2013
a black and white dress with green accents
Irish Dance Dress - Boston 2013
a woman's latin dance dress with blue and black designs
Irish dance solo dress
a purple and white dress with intricate designs
Irish Dance Dress
a white and blue dress on a mannequin
Prime Dress Designs: Irish dance dress
an image of a woman's dress on the app store page, which is showing it
Irish Dance
Irish Dance Dress