Raspberry Slice.

This raspberry cake is a very small recipe as only two eggs were used and it was quite soft.

Raspberry & Coconut Slice  In this recipe, raspberries can be substituted with blueberries or blackberries. The berries can be fresh or frozen – both work well.    6 egg whites  2 cups (320g) icing sugar, sieved  2 cups (200g) fine desiccated coconut  ½ cup (75g) self-raising flour, sieved  175g unsalted butter, melted  1½ cups (175g) raspberries

Raspberry & Coconut Slice ('icing sugar' is powdered sugar for you Americans

Chocolate Marshmallow Slices Recipe

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The bright side: My slice of cappuccino

This is your recipe to make the elegant, delicious Amaretto Cappuccino Cake. LOOKS DelicIous but NO RECIPES!

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A December day. The signal that the year is drawing to a close, at last. It's a magical season. Of fair.

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Lemon Poppy Seed Slices

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Caramel & ginger slice- a few issues with this recipe - the base was incredibly hard & the chocolate layer too soft. I suggest more butter in the base and less cream in the chocolate - tastes fantastic though!

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My most famous recipe: the best-tasting Raw Chocolate Peppermint Slice in all the lands. Gluten Free with a crispy buckwheat base.

Apricot and Coconut Slice

Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse: Picnictimes with slices at Araluen Botanic Park