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Honestly, I'm really upset that Elain said "sister" and not "sisters" even though Feyre was there too. It shows how much of an outsider fruit still is to them. As the youngest of three sisters, it makes me sad.

Omg, I hope she is a shadowsinger, that would be so cool!

Honestly what is there to hate about Lucien sure he was by Tamlin's side at the and of ACOMAF but he tried persuading Tamlin that their are other options. And tried persuading Tamlin to let Feyre go outside and do something with her life without guards following her everywhere. The court of dreams are Feyre's friends but I think she and Lucien have a unique and trusting relationship that can never be replaced because of how they helped and supported each other under the mountain and…

I don't hate Lucien but I was disappointed in him when he gave up on Feyre.

Nesta & Cassian #acowar

oh my gosh their mating bond. is it gonna happen?<<<it better fucking happen

Persassy forever

Persassy forever

Step by step eye makeup – PICS. Eva Tornado's collection

Easy classic look by for any occasion using palette! Here’s how… by applying “Strange” onto the brow bone! Then taking “Limit” apply in the outer corner of the eye sweeping it into the crease, blending.