Toddler Approved: Fizzing Fireworks! A fun science activity with baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring!

Fizzing Fireworks #readforgood

Fizzing Fireworks: coffee filters, baking soda, food coloring, spray bottle with vinegar & water. science art painting idea for bonfire night , school or craft club

Echidna: Clean up Australia Day, NAIDOC Week, Environment Week, any 'nature' or 'garden critters' themed workshops

This art idea could be used in combination with NADOC week, conservation week, clean up australia day and Australia day.

Dilly-Dali Art: Aboriginal Dot Painting-Australia  World Thinking Day craft

Dilly-Dali Art: Aboriginal Dot Painting-Australia Day craft - use the easy dot painters. even littlies can try/ or cotton buds?

Australian animal - Echidna Art n Craft - Matchsticks

Create your very own multi-coloured emu. child aged months should be able to count to so encourage their counting skills by counting how many spikes are on your echidna.

Make damper with the children for Australia Day!

Damper - traditional Aussie bread made in a bush or Outback campfire.We having one tomorrow - Australia Day!