Hospital Birth Space

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a bedroom with a bathtub, bed and two stools
Gentle Landing Birth Center
a woman sitting in a chair with a man standing next to her
Comment se déroule l'accouchement dans une salle nature ?
a room with a bed, bathtub and blue ball on the floor in it
Does Your Hospital Offer an LDRP Room for Birth?
Learn about the Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Room (LDRP), which you enter and use during your stay at the hospital or birth center.
a living room filled with furniture and a blue ball
St Mary's Hospital, London
a bedroom with a bed, bathtub and pictures on the wall above it that are hanging from the ceiling
Dar a Luz - Midwife, pregnancy, birth, postpartum healthcare
the room is lit up with purple lights
Oxytocic Environment
Turn your hospital room into a labor oasis with this one tool! #pregnancy #birth