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the shelves are full of baskets and boxes for storage in this closet, with labels on them
Albany Cane Rattan Bins curated on LTK
Albany Cane Rattan Bins curated on LTK
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a place for cooking or eating
The RIMFORSA range is the natural and stylish way to a clutter-free kitchen.
an open drawer in a kitchen filled with plates and bowls
Kitchen & appliances
Smart interiors mean even the messiest drawers can be organised.
three different shots of a desk with drawers and a lamp
Inspiration & ideas
Accessorise your workspace in a way that complements the rest of the room.
a kitchen filled with lots of jars and plants
Inspiration & ideas
We visited Margaret, who told us that she uses open storage in the kitchen so that “all our visitors can find their way around the kitchen and help out.”
a white desk topped with lots of books and office supplies next to a plant on top of a shelf
Inspiration & ideas
In need of a desk refresh? Whether it’s back-to-school time or just time to unlearn an old habit, check out our desk organisation ideas. Boxes, magnets and shelves can help clean your desk, so your mind’s clear and ready to work.
three boxes are sitting on a shelf next to a potted plant
Inspiration & ideas
Create space to contain everything by surrounding your desk with shelves. (Yep, even in legs.) Use solid-coloured, matching boxes to hide things away. Glass vases and jars can show off a few lovelies. Add in accessories, like a letter tray, to sort your papers and hold your tablet.
an open cabinet filled with lots of containers and food on top of wooden shelves next to a cutting board
The perfect pantry
We tend to eat what we see. As soon as you get home from the grocery store, put cereal, pasta and other dry goods in see-through or marked containers for easy-to-find menu ideas
an attic storage room filled with boxes and other items
Many of us would benefit from homes that are clutter-free but filled with things we love. Using organised open storage solutions and transparent boxes makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for and help combat the clutter.
a woman is looking at the contents of her makeup set in an open drawer on top of a table
Make the best use of your space
KOMPLEMENT interior organisers tailor your PAX wardrobe to make the best use of available space
an open drawer in a bathroom next to a sink
Clear of clutter
Keeping surfaces calm and clear of clutter, and the inside of drawers and cupboards ordered will make daily rituals run smoothly
an open refrigerator filled with lots of food and storage containers on top of it's doors
Your kitchen can be as unique as you are.
At IKEA, we've designed our affordable kitchen range to be durable, smart and flexible. With our interest free finance* and free online kitchen planning, the possibilities for your dream kitchen are endless. *T&Cs apply.