The Big Peanut, Cairns, QLD, Australia.

QLD - Tolga - The Big Peanut - located in the Atherton Tablelands, Tropical North Queensland

The Big Apple?!

i thought that the big apple was a lot bigger city than it turned out to be. when they drop the ball on new years eve it looks different than this.

Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, VIC, Australia.

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The Big Lobster, Kingston, SA, Australia. Known as "Larry".

The Big Lobster is a tourist attraction located in the town of Kingston SE, South Australia. Known locally as "Larry", the sculpture of a spiny lobster stands 17 metres tall, and is regarded as one of the most impressive of Australia's Big Things.

The Big Duck, Flanders, NY, USA.

"The Big Duck - Flanders, NY," .Twenty feet tall and 30 feet long, this concrete duck was built in 1931 as a store for a Long Island duck farm. It's now a tourist information center and gift shop.

The Big Koala, Australia

Australia likes building "big" versions of iconic things. This is the Big Koala…

The Big Cow, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

The big cow Queensland. Big Things of Australia:The Top 5 Record Breaking Creatures

The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Big Things in Australia have become quite Iconic. Here's our list of the Top including the Big Banana, Big Lobster, Big Pineapple and More!

The Big Nickel, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. (By Jason Baker.)

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Sudbury's main tourist attraction, the Big Nickel! Sudbury is known for the largest nickel mines in Canada. By Jason Baker.

The Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

There may be a pineapple under the sea, but there's one in Australia, too!

The Big Barramundi (Barbecue Garden), Daintree, QLD, Australia.

Big Barramundi Barbecue Garden in the Daintree. Had lunch here and chose a dish that had exotic fruits.