The basics of good survey design - here are some tips. When managing survey projects, the answers to a few questions wil help you design great surveys.

360 degree feedback is one way to find out if the leaders in your organisation are delegating effectively.

Steps to deliver a successful survey project

A successful survey project depends upon having a robust process expertise in designing surveys and the right survey software like Spark Chart.

Tips to Get Started with Spark Chart

Tips to Get Started with Spark Chart

Mind Reading with Spark Chart

Mind Reading with Spark Chart Survey Software

Use feedback to get teams engaged and aligned

Every day we see the important link between feedback and teamwork. Teams and leaders quickly get engaged and focused when we share survey results with them.

Osmosis - a major leadership failure. And what to do about it!

Natural leadership impacts the bottomline. Contact Ichiban to identify your natural leaders & the impact on the profitability and growth of your business.