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a wooden sign sitting on top of a lush green field
How to make an Enchanted Forest themed learning location
a small stream in the middle of a tiled floor with rocks and plants growing out of it
Mosquita Miniatures - enchanted tea party kids class in WA river scene with plastic table cloth as water, toadstools made with logs of wood and padded ikea 'hat' www.mosquita.com.au
there is a tent and some trees in the room that has decorations on the walls
a tent is set up in the middle of a room with blue tarp covering it
a pile of sticks sitting on top of a floor next to a bag filled with plastic bags
IMG_9747 camping themed classroom light up fire by racheljashmore430, via Flickr
there is a plane ticket on the table in this living room with two children's chairs
How to Create a Pretend Play Airport in 3 Easy Steps by The Littles & Me