The holidays.

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a package with an image of a woman's face and the words shop now on it
The Birds are coming for Christmas.
Field Kit No.1
a package of scissors and other items for the holiday season, including an insect ornament
The Christmas Present.
The Insect Field Kit No.2
there are many different pictures with words on them that include fish, beach toys and people
Dive Into Summer
Beatbox Beach Box $25
two plastic containers filled with different types of items in them and the words celebrate summer holidays
Beach Box
Dive in to summer fun!
a woman wearing a mask and looking at the camera
Curiously Creative Christmas
A gift for someone you love
the collage shows different items that include seeds, nuts and other things to make it look like they are made out of paper
Holiday Shopping
Field Kit No.1
a card with an image of a hand holding a pair of scissors and the words creative gifts for christmas
Christmas list
Field kit No. 2
Killing the bugs... Lead The Way
Cockroach Soap
Killing the bugs...
an advertisement for the holiday shop early, celebrate now with scissors and shopping bags on it
Insect Field Kit No.2
Creative Kits for the Curious.