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Looking for some inspiration for your bathroom? We have gathered the best in bathroom products.

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Brushed Nickel from Phoenix Tapware

New Contemporary Finishes Collection | Phoenix Tapware

New Contemporary Finishes Collection | Phoenix Tapware. Lately there has been a growing demand for a wider variety of tapware finishes to suit the current interior design trend for mixed metals. Phoenix Tapware has answered this call with our new Contemporary Finishes Collection, which features a range of our tapware, showers and accessories in a variety of finishes which include Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel and Gun Metal.

Hexagaonal white wall tiles

White Wall Tiles | MDC Mosaics & Tiles

White Wall Tiles | MDC Mosaics & Tiles. When you think of white wall tiles you usually believe they are your budget saving option. Plain and simple white wall tiles that may not make a big impact but they are affordable and will never go out of fashion. White wall tiles are a great budget saving tile but don't think that you are choosing a plain tile that provides little interest.

Matt black basin mixer - Zircone range from Tilo Tapware

Zircone Bathroom Tapware Range | Tilo Tapware

Zircone Bathroom Tapware Range | Tilo Tapware. Introduction to the New Zircone Range. Most decorators agree that a great way to establish a bathroom's all-encompassing style is with mixer taps. In fact, one of the very first things people notice when they walk into the room is the tapware. Therefore, when designing a bathroom, it is critical that you select a design in good taste.

Versatile and Fun herringbone subway tiles

Subway Tiles Sydney | MDC Mosaics

Subway Tiles Sydney | MDC Mosaics. We believe the Subway tile is the most versatile and fun tile there is to work and live with. Whether you want a classic subway look or turn them on them side and choose the herringbone finish, the choice is yours. We just love the fact these funky little tiles can give us a choice and interesting options. The Subway tile fits into many design options while enhancing and providing the perfect finish.

Above counter basin mixer from Tilo Tapware

Tall Basin Mixer Tap | Tilo Tapware

Tall Basin Mixer Tap | Tilo Tapware. Looking for the right tap for your above counter basin? Available to buy now in the Spec-Net Online Shop, the A2 Tall Basin Mixer Straight Spout from Tilo Tapware is a contemporary and sleek addition for any bathroom. With a chrome finish, this tall basin mixer tap has a 3 star WELS rating 8L/m, 35mm Taiwanese Cartridge and has a 5 year parts only manufacturer's warranty.

Dorf Industrie. Industrial style basin mixer #ontrend

Industrial Aesthetic Basin Mixer by Dorf | GWA

Industrial Aesthetic Basin Mixer by Dorf | GWA. Style Focus: Colour trend sees tapware take centre stage. Bold statement pieces will be one of the biggest upcoming trends for tapware in 2016, allowing proud individualists to express their unique sense of style. One of the strongest emerging trends taking hold at this year's ISH fair in Frankfurt, the world's biggest bathroomware showcase, was the industrial aesthetic combined with an infusion of colour.

valve thermostatic #shower perfect temperature for comfort and safety

Thermostatic Showers | Cyrue

Thermostatic Showers | Cyrue. Cyrue's new thermostatic shower range is always the perfect temperature for ultimate convenience and safety. The thermo safety valve's high sensitivity ensures water delivery is at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second and keeping it constant for your shower duration. Resulting in, less time, water and energy. In the event cold water supply is lost, the hot water is automatically shut off to avoid the risk of scalding.

Matte finish bathroomware - Caroma Sunstone Solid Surface Collection

Matte Finish Bathroomware Sunstone Collection by Caroma | GWA

Matte Finish Bathroomware Sunstone Collection by Caroma | GWA. Caroma Unveils Timeless Sunstone Solid Surface Collection. Caroma, Australia's leading bathroomware brand continues to bring timeless sophistication to the bathroom with the unveiling of the new Sunstone solid surface collection. This range of basins and incredibly decadent freestanding bath offer a pared back aesthetic and create an unassuming authority in any bathroom.

#bathroom underfloor #heating from Coldbuster

Electric Underfloor Heating - Simple, Independent, Cost effective

Electric Underfloor Heating - Simple, Independent, Cost effective. With Coldbuster electric underfloor heating consumers will get simple, independent and cost effective floor heating. Compared to hydronic floor heating, for example, the installation process is simple and uncomplicated. Electric floor heating comprises a heating element controlled by a thermostat, with no moving parts or maintenance.

#mirror demister fromAmuheat

Mirror Demisters from Amuheat

Mirror Demisters from Amuheat. Amuheat's Mirror Demisters self adhesive backing allows direct application to the back of any mirror in just minutes. Pre-attached leads conveniently connect to an isolator switch (existing light switch or seperate). The mirror demister use very little power when switched on. Simply turn on the lights and the demister provides clear, steam free mirrors for you to begin your day.

heated bath

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Floormount Mixer, Sussex Taps Somerton VIC 3062

Floormount Mixer, Sussex Taps Somerton VIC 3062. Defined by a beautifully uncompromising aesthetic, Pol tapware sets a new standard in innovative design. Pol delivers a collection that redefines contemporary bathroom design. Exclusively Available at Reece.

Wall Mounted Bath Spout from Tilo Tapware

Wall Mounted Bath Spout from Tilo Tapware. Waterfall 'QIN' Wall Mount Spout. Description: Waterfall spout wall mount. Features: 200w x 180d x 45h. One year manufacturer's warranty on spouts from date of purchase.

Stainless Steel Tiles, ALLOY Alexandria NSW 2015

Stainless Steel Tiles, ALLOY Alexandria NSW 2015. ALLOY is internationally recognised for its unique design aesthetic, innovative range of metal mosaic tiles & stainless steel homewares. ALLOY works with high quality metals & alloys inc stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass & raw steel to create modern objects, finishes & architectural features. Only the best resources & methods are used to create an unsurpassed finish.

Low VOC Natural Rubber Bathroom Flooring, Dalsouple

Low VOC Natural Rubber Bathroom Flooring, Dalsouple. Dalsouple natural rubber flooring ideal choice for modern bathrooms. Usually choices are limited when it comes to flooring for your bathroom. Ceramic tiles look good but are cold and hard to clean. Dalsouple DalNaturel natural rubber tiles can give a sleek, bright new look, suitable for renovations or new homes.

Creative Mosaic Bathroom Designs with Tiles, Trend North Ryde NSW 2103

Creative Mosaic Bathroom Designs with Tiles, Trend North Ryde NSW 2103. Creativity, Style and Innovation enable Trend to be a market leader in the high end design. Creativity from designers and Trend's clients, enable us to capture the essence of imagination. In this bathroom application, a few images from the internet were passed on to our graphic design department to use in a CAD design.